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Crypt of the Slime Lord

This is my submission to the Slime-Themed OpenGameArt.org Summer 2022 Jam.

It is a first person shooter heavily inspired by Catacomb 3-D. The art is designed to mimic that game, in all it's pukey EGA palette glory! It does not conform to the hardware restrictions of that era, just attempts to mimic the style.


CryptOfTheSlimeLord.zip 11 MB

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I only played the first level but it was fun.
I will give it a more complete review when i played it all the way through

thats cool, there's really only 2 levels, and the 2nd level is hard as balls

3rd level is just the boss fight

i never went back to it to fix up the unfair difficulty in 2nd level

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nice page sorry for makin you angry

thank you and i am not angry at you, i apologize for my snide comment on your game.

i hosted the last oga jam and had to weed through several games that were just submitted to the jam with no effort at actually following the jam rules, so i know that withthelove is going to have to do the same thing with multiple submissions to the current oga jam. that is all, it is not a personal attack on you or your efforts.

I like the art style, very EGA-esqu




how did you do that flush door? (the one in the first level behind the town

sorry for late reply

i surrounded door with custom modifiers:




Great game

thank you kindly

Hello, do you know how to add a script with a picture to a new constructor?

i am not sure what you mean by that.

could you explain more detail what you are trying to do

I tried to add scripts but the game freezes and nothing happens.

are you ending script with map return ?


I like how you made old school style and Catacomb 3D vibes! Also i like sound design. Very good job =)

thank you

very nice. love the style!

thanks so much

This game was awesome!! Great job

thanks so  much!

When loading my save, headbobbing and freelook turned on. 

hmm. i think i know why that is happening, but i am not sure how to fix it.

thanks for reporting, i will try today to work a fix, jam uploads will be locked for a week starting 8/1 so i would like to fix before then.

I fixed it. Thank you so much for reporting the bug!

Thats great, no problemo !! :D