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WARNING: This game contains violence, gore, satanic imagery, and strong language.

OskFups stands for Old Skool FPS (try to pronounce FPS as a word instead of acronym.) It is a DOOM-inspired first person shooter made with Easy FPS Editor Pro. It is my submission to the OpenGameArt.org Spring Game Jam 2022.

There are only 2 levels and no real ending to the game. I have decided not to continue development of this game, but to pursue my other projects. So it's current state is likely it's permanent state.

It is fully playable, but likely won't be updated.

Default controls (Can be reconfigured)

WASD - Move

Mouse - Look

Space - Jump

Shift - Crouch

Tab - Map

F5 - Quick Save (Can't be reconfigured)

F9 - Quick Load (Can't be reconfigured)

Known bugs:

-If you change your screen resolution to one that is NOT 16:9 aspect ratio, weapon sprites will be messed up. It may also mess up the menu screen.

-If enemies back you into a corner, you can sometimes clip through the walls, especially if you jump.

-When you die it is possible that when you respawn the ceiling geometry will disappear.

-Sometimes enemy and decoration sprites are temporarily not visible when viewed from a higher platform.

-Sometimes blood particles cause transparency issues with the enemy behind it. I could fix this by making the blood particle image a small square, but I like the bloody mess that I have now.


Install instructions

Download it. Unzip it. Play it. Kill.


OskFups V1.1.zip 124 MB
OskFups v1.0 (OGA Game Jam Version) 126 MB

Development log

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