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Retro FPS

Warning: This game contains violence, blood and gore.

Here is a Retro First Person Shooter inspired by Mesoamerican mythology and artwork. It is not at all an accurate depiction of the mythology though, it is pure fantasy. It was my submission to the Reload Magazine Game Jam #1.

I am currently in the process of remaking the maps with all new levels, so an update will be forthcoming. At some point.

Default controls (Can be reconfigured)

WASD - Move

Mouse - Look

Space - Jump

E - Use (The crosshair will turn into a ? when you can use)

Shift - Crouch

Tab - Map

Left click - Weapon Attack

F5 - Quick Save (Can't be reconfigured)

F9 - Quick Load (Can't be reconfigured)

All of the graphic artwork and sound effects in this game are derivative of CC0 Public Domain sources, old books that are in the Public Domain, or made from scratch by me. All the music is original and made by me, but contains CC0 audio samples from Freesound.org. Credits are included in the ZIP file.


HanTolZuca V1.1.zip 151 MB
HanTolZuca V1.0.zip 267 MB

Install instructions

Unzip game. Play it. Kill stuff or get killed, as you see fit.

Development log


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so weird shooter :D

Very interesting game! I love the unusual setting and sound design. Also i like level design and idea with NPC when you can talk with them =)

thnx so much