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I like the art style, very EGA-esqu




how did you do that flush door? (the one in the first level behind the town

sorry for late reply

i surrounded door with custom modifiers:



Great game

thank you kindly

Hello, do you know how to add a script with a picture to a new constructor?

i am not sure what you mean by that.

could you explain more detail what you are trying to do

I tried to add scripts but the game freezes and nothing happens.

are you ending script with map return ?


I like how you made old school style and Catacomb 3D vibes! Also i like sound design. Very good job =)

thank you

very nice. love the style!

thanks so much

This game was awesome!! Great job

thanks so  much!

When loading my save, headbobbing and freelook turned on. 

hmm. i think i know why that is happening, but i am not sure how to fix it.

thanks for reporting, i will try today to work a fix, jam uploads will be locked for a week starting 8/1 so i would like to fix before then.

I fixed it. Thank you so much for reporting the bug!

Thats great, no problemo !! :D