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man i reeeally like those musics, i couldn't find any way to contact you so i'm just gohnna ask here, do you have any problems with the music being used in commercial projects? i'm doing a lil shooter and i intend to release it at just a one dollar price here on itchio. i would credit you on the page and game and put any of your links there, please respond 

hello. thank you for the nice comment.

yes, you are free to use the music in any project you want, commercial or otherwise. i released it as CC0 public domain dedication, which means it is free from restrictions.

you can give credit if you want, but you don't have to. if you could link your game in the comments here when you release it, i would like to check it out tho :)

thanks a lot man, i'm going to credit you. if you pass me any contact like email or discord i can send you a key to the game. but the demo is in my profile:

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SUPER useful and good stuff! I'll definitely be using some of these (and linking back here so others can too haha)

Also, I love the names

thanks so much! i love the idea of ppl using my music in their projects.

would love to see what you make that includes some of these songs.

happy game making!

and also, if there are particular songs you like or suggestions for styles (or inspirational sources from old games) lemme know and i will see what comes out of the ol noggin

Very nice. Thank you for making this

you are very welcome. i hope folks make use of this stuff!